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Selective hardening both in depth and location

Laser hardening

Laser heat treating makes use of the laser energy to rapidly and efficiently heat a selected area of the surface of a metal component above the transformational temperature.

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Laser Cleaning System

Removes corrosion and paint and prepares for welding or painting with no mess

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Advanced Laser Technology Ltd (ALT) has a qualified and experienced team, that operates at the leading edge of technology, who are able to identify the best commercially available system components and combine them with bespoke engineered solutions integrated together to meet your needs.

Our team has wide experience across all uses of lasers within manufacturing and would be happy to discuss any laser technology related challenge you have, we are particularly focused on Laser Cleaning Systems, Laser Additive Manufacturing Systems, Laser Cladding Systems, Laser Surface Hardening Systems and Laser Welding Systems.

In addition we can provide training and education along with Health and Safety training associated with lasers.

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