About us

Advanced Laser Technology (ALT) is a unique commercial research enterprise, developing industrial laser systems for a variety of industries. The ALT team has expertise in a wide range of laser processes and have developed industrial laser systems for cleaning, additive manufacture and cladding. ALT cleaning systems can be hand held or automated and operate at competitive cleaning rates. The cleaning process is very effective at removing corrosion, paint and contaminants and generates little waste material as the laser needs no abrasive medium. The process is excellent for cleaning prior to painting or welding or simply to expose the base material.

Our additive manufacturing systems use blown powder technology to create parts up to one metre cubed. Operating anaerobically, they can use reactive metals such as titanium, aluminium and magnesium, or can build parts from iron, steel and copper simply using a shield gas. You can also add to existing components using this technology, allowing you to create components using a combination of traditional and additive methods to achieve the lowest cost component.

Using the latest laser technology from leading industrial laser OEMs and our own powder delivery system, ALT’s cladding systems can clad at high speed. Integrating a pyrometer into the system allows excellent control of material properties including surface hardness.

ALT has strong connections with the UK’s Association of Industrial Laser Users, laser experts at both Manchester and Liverpool Universities along with all major industrial laser manufacturers. We use our internal team and trusted partners to develop laser systems that meet your specific requirements.


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